How To Get The Latest Smartphone on a Budget

Technology is constantly evolving, which results in: cooler designs, modern interfaces, and fully functional products. Cell phones are the prime example of how great designs continuously contribute to our daily lives. Yet, how do we keep up with the ever-changing world of cell phones? Easy. Trade in or resell your device at GoodCellas!

Good Cellas, How It Works

Good Cellas, How It Works

GoodCellas sell certified pre-owned cell phones, so you’re getting the perks of a new design, and not breaking the bank. They will also buy your current cell phone, if you decide that your design brain is seeking bigger and better things. The Samsung Galaxy and iPhones are on the list of great devices, and GoodCellas is your go-to retailer.


What Are Some Good Qualities in A Smart Phone?

According to Gadget Review those qualities are…

  1. Screen Size: Do you want a big screen?
  2. Screen Resolution and Quality: We want super clear and crisp resolution!
  3. Camera: Are the pictures sharp or too fuzzy?
  4. Software Features: Do you have the latest and greatest software?
  5. Battery Life: Is your battery always dead?
  6. Memory/RAM: Is your phone quick and responsive?
  7. Storage: Do you have space for all your apps and photos?
  8. Design and Build Quality: Is your phone ergonomically designed?
  9. Availability: Is the phone you want sold out?
  10. Accessories: Does it come with basic charger/headphones?