Everyone’s a Winner with Recognition Source

“Everyone’s a winner” is the mantra these days, as awards and trophies seem to be given out for just about every occasion in the book. A company that caters to this is Recognition Source, which sells custom engraved crystal, glass, and marble awards. It became immediately clear to me while browsing through the 900+ products on their website that these awards are much more than just your typical little league trophies. They come in an almost overwhelming amount of designs and colors, each more dazzling and elegant than the last. When I stumbled upon this site, I didn’t exactly have an occasion to purchase an award. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to order one way in advance for my dad as a Father’s Day gift. The customer service was top-notch and the award shipped very quickly, but the best part was that the award was even more beautiful in real life than it was on the website. I spent a solid half hour admiring the craftsmanship and the engraving when it arrived. It was very difficult to choose which award I wanted to buy, but I ultimately went with the Prism Prestige Cylinder Award pictured below because of the beautiful colors.

recognition source prism prestige cylinder award










While all the of the awards appealed to my designer eye, two of my other favorites were the Interstellar Marble Star Award and the Cathedral of Crystal Award. The Interstellar Marble Star award is bold and I admire the flair provided by its modern design. The Cathedral of Crystal Award is sleek and striking as well. The awards all vary in price, color, size, design, and other aspects, but the thing they all had in common was a sense of delicate elegance. It is difficult to present the high quality of a product using just a picture, but Recognition Source did just that. I was beyond pleased with the award I purchased, and can only imagine how wonderful the rest of the awards would be to examine firsthand.


 Recognition Source interstellar marble star awardRecognition Source Cathedral of Crystal Award