Architectural Designs

These design freaks are all about architectural design, but we’re much better at sight seeing than designing ourselves. The two of us have been looking into some simple DIY projects to get comfortable enough to build something big one day, but there’s still so much to learn. This design post is a shout out to Archways and Ceilings, a company that came to our rescue in our DIY research. Archways and Ceilings sells framing kits for archways, ceilings and wall designs, which makes the project a lot easier than starting from scratch. With a little help from a friend who has some building experience, we started our first project. Hopefully we can be a little less dependent the next round!

To pass on some of the knowledge we have gained, we’re going to share some facts about wall niches, the project we decided to go with.

Wall Niche

A wall niche is for adding a decorative element to a plain, flat wall. It’s best described as a recess that can hold decorative pieces, books or other items of your choice. Some unique ideas include: creating a wall niche next to the fireplace to hold wooden logs, placing one in the mudroom to store shoes, umbrellas, etc. and adding one to the wall going up the staircase.

wall niche

The benefits of a wall niche go beyond beauty.

  • Attractive architectural elements can also increase the value of your home. They’re unique and they’ll catch the eye of potential home-buyers if you plan to sell in the future.
  • The wall niche itself can vary. Some use it to add a pop of color to the room by painting the inside different from the walls, while others may choose to cover the inside with materials such as tile, glass, wood, or wallpaper. Just like an accent wall would do, this draws attention to the wall niche.
  • A wall niche is fitting for any room or area – foyer, hallway, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, you name it!

Overall, a wall niche was a great choice for our home! If you’re considering a kit, check out this video!

Eco-Friendly Designs

We love nature and our planet, so our first blog post goes out to Eco-friendly designs. Now that it’s becoming more common and almost more trendy to be Eco-friendly, here are some home design tips to guide anyone that wants to start! Unless you look for it, you may not be aware of the options that are out there, check it out!

Solar Lighting


Make the smart choice for your patio or walkway and choose solar lighting. Because they’re charged by the sun during the day, no additional energy is needed at night. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, it’s beneficial for your energy bills. No electric cords also make them a safer option. We’re all for solar lighting!

Design Options (not limited to): String lights, path lights, accent lights, spot lights.

Eco-Friendly Rugs

recycled rug

Cover your floors with an Eco-friendly rug! This specific rug is from an online rug store, Rug & Home, and it’s not the only option available either! This selection proves that you don’t need to limit style to be Eco-friendly. It’s created with recycled fabric. Other options include rugs made with renewable corn resources and other sustainable materials.

Recycled Glass and Wood


Recycled decor products can be just as appealing as any other decor products. Vases, lamps and colored glass bottles make for exceptional decor pieces. Then there’s recycled wood. Whether it’s furniture or decoration, recycled wood is becoming more and more popular. It provides a rustic and warm feel.

Scrap Seat Belts!

seat belt chair

This one is our favorite, and a little more specific than the others, but we couldn’t help but share! When you think about seat belts, I bet you don’t think of home decor. Well, check out this chair! It’s created with scrap seat belts. We’ve also seen a rocking chair and ottoman. We love seeing random materials being put to use. Products like this should continue to grow.

Be sure to look around you and become aware of your options while shopping, there’s more out there than you may have realized. Stylin’ and Eco-friendly!
You can even DIY! Here’s an idea for you: